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When is it okay to copy the strategies of a competitor for your marketing?




Succeeding in business is not easy, and at times, you may be required to employ some unorthodox methods in order to come up on top. It goes without saying that none of these should ever, however, be illegal. Duplicating the strategies and plans of another company isn’t always a good idea and may on occasion land you in court, but there are still plenty of perfectly legal ways, and sensible things to do, if you want to find out why the strategies of your competitor are winning out.


Most people start their businesses on the “expected potential”, but not many people can guarantee this potential throughout the life of their businesses. As an entrepreneur and business owner, you are at the nucleus, or centre, of the business, and you will be required to come up with plans and strategies that will help you achieve your set goals.

Here’s how you can grow your business by copying your competitors

Check their sales strategies

Whatever your field of business, you are not alone, and there are almost always businesses that are chasing you, getting ahead of you and doing better than you. These are the businesses you must concentrate on, on a daily basis. Ensure that you check their sales figures, and how much they have improved over time.

By analysing their figures, you are able to challenge yourself in the long run. Look at their marketing strategies, and try to understand why and where they are making more of a success of their marketing than you are.


If a company is doing better than yours, it means there are things they are doing differently. This is what you need to know. Follow the company on their social media pages and look at the kind of interactions they are having with their customers and potential customers as well.

In the end, this will only make you better in your operations.

Compare their selling prices

It is important to understand how much competitors are selling the same products for. This helps you to check whether you are being competitive.

Looking at the prices your competitors are offering can help you streamline your prices as well, so that you can be more competitive, or even use this as a way to outshine them. Offering the same products at a cheaper price will put you ahead of your competitors.

You should, however, ensure that you are not too cheap or customers may end up questioning the genuineness of your products, and you will end up making losses.

Look at their advertisements

Advertising is one of the major avenues where competitors get to compete evenly. You are free to design the kind of advert that will seriously entice your clients. If you are able to look at what your competitors have done, your job is to improve on it and come up with a better advert.

Remember that the more interesting and engaging an advert is, the more likely you are to get more customers from it.

Take time to come up with a good advert that will capture everyone’s attention, and ensure that it is better than what your competitors are offering.

If you plan to throw shade on them, do it in a funny or professional manner, that will not make you out to be a bully.

Follow them on social media

Follow all of your competitors on social media. This helps you know what they are thinking, how they are working and their interaction with clients.

At the end of the day, you will learn so much from their social media, as this is one of the most common means of communication between customers and business organisations.

You can even pretend to be one of their clients so you are able to get deeper understanding of the organisation. Go a step further and even order one of their products in order to analyse how long it takes to respond to your order, their delivery procedures and the length of time it takes to receive the order.

By doing this, you are able to get a better understanding of the company operations, what they do well and don’t do, and use the information to make your services much better than your competitors.

Visit their premises

This helps you know a lot about how they do their business. Finding out this information will help you streamline your customer service if you can see things they are doing that you are not. The way in which a client is received determines whether or not they will do business with you. It is always important to learn new techniques and new ways of retaining and gaining potential clients.

Find out from the customer service department how they do their business, what they are offering as after sale services, and even how they go about things such as returns.

Once you are armed with this information, you are able to look within your organisation at what is lacking and improve on that.

Learn from their mistakes

This is the best lesson ever. You must learn from the mistakes of your competitors. If they suddenly go out of business, or they end up dealing with a big scandal, it is your responsibility to find out what they did wrong and make sure you do not do the same.

One company did so well and decided to open up big branches all over the country. Unfortunately, they overstretched themselves and ended up spending all of their capital on this venture. In the end, they depleted even their savings and within a short time the company that had become the number one in the entire country ended up closing down.

This is a good lesson to learn and not repeat.


What you should endeavor to learn from competitors is how to improve in your everyday operations, and their mistakes. You must never copy them fully as this may not be what is needed in your company. Remember that each company is unique and must come up with their own strategies in order to make a mark.

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Should Agents Staff Up Or Outsource Their Insurance Agency Marketing?




Most agencies know they need to enhance their marketing, embark upon an electronic marketing program, embrace social media marketing and update their website. Many of these are very important to the long term success of an agency. To make this happen, agency owners need to find out how and when to spend valuable budget dollars. This invariably contributes to the question of adding staff, wanting to leverage inexperienced internal resources, or outsourcing insurance agency marketing initiatives. Let’s review these three options.

Option 1 – I’ll use a recently graduated family friend: It is a rare occurrence when this choice works out for some agencies, and it’s one of the very most expensive options they are able to select. The fully burdened cost probably will exceed $50,000 per year, and the recent graduate likely “doesn’t know, what they do not know.” These inexperienced resources need to know website development, insurance agency emarketing, social media marketing, and insurance agency search engine optimization. There are 5 different skill sets required for this list, plus the general experience essential to successfully execute these initiatives. So not just does the agency pay the $50K, in addition they buy all of the on the job mistakes, errors in judgment, technical deficiencies, and industry inexperience.

Option 2 – I’ll hire an advertising VP: That is likely an improved solution than option 1, albeit requiring even more budget dollars. An experienced marketing VP (let’s call this person a $100,000+ resource) will bring both knowledge and know-how to the table. Yet even with this particular resource the agency will undoubtedly require specialized skills and tools in the regions of web development, insurance search engine optimization, insurance agency emarketing, graphic design and more. A variation on this theme is to hire a professional marketing manager, perhaps a $75,000 per year resource with a number of the experience and skills noted above.

Option 3 – I’ll outsource my marketing to a skilled marketing firm: There’s a common paradigm called “Good, Fast, Cheap “.In this paradigm, you’re supposed to choose which two of the criteria you need (Good and Fast, Good and Cheap, Fast and Cheap). However in our new internet based world, it’s possible to obtain all three, services and solutions which are good, fast and cost effective Agencies can select a skilled insurance agency marketing firm, and get all of the services stated earlier at a lower cost than even Option 1, the inexperienced college graduate.

Small to medium size agents and brokers may find an outsource model the more efficient way to accomplish their marketing goals. Outsourcing can allow these agencies to accomplish sets from website development to social media marketing to insurance agency lead generation, and never having to add costly staff to fuel their needs for continued growth.

For more information on territory exclusive Insurance Agency Marketing Solutions. StartUpSelling, Inc. provides outsourced insurance agency lead generation services focusing in the regions of telemarketing, insurance agency eMarketing, and insurance web marketing. StartUpSelling, Inc. specializes in innovative entrepreneurial marketing, sales and lead gen concepts.

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Fishing the Eleven Point – A Crown Jewel of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways




There is no other river such as the Eleven Point. Its wilderness atmosphere, along with blue ribbon trout and smallmouth bass populations get this to one of the true jewels of the Ozarks. The river is located in south-central Missouri, and north central Arkansas. The forty miles of river between the Thomasville, and the Narrows Usage of the river is part of the National Scenic Riverways system. What this means is there’s little if any commercial activity, or private land along the river. This can help keep consitently the habitat, water quality, and beauty at a level unsurpassed in the Midwest.

The Eleven Point begins as a small stream high in the Ozark Mountains. From the headwaters to Thomasville, the river is lightly fished, but can produce very well for smallmouth bass. Almost no body floats this section. Below Thomasville, the river becomes a national river, and fishing becomes better. The region of river between Thomasville and Greer Spring is noted for producing a number of the biggest stream smallmouth anywhere. Trophy regulations help maintain this top notch fishery. Shadow bass (also known as rock bass or goggle-eye) are also abundant, as well as some other species of sunfish.

The river changes dramatically at the mouth of Greer Spring. This massive, cold and very wild spring immediately transform a straightforward going, warm smallmouth stream in to a large river with deep and rushing flows. Such as, it makes the Eleven Point a great trout stream. From the mouth of the spring branch downstream to Turner Mill Access the stream is managed under Blue Ribbon trout regulations. What this means is an 18″ length limit, and artificial lures and flies only. This beautiful and interesting stretch of trout water utilizes both stocking and natural spawning to help keep fish populations up. About 5000 rainbow trout are stocked each year in this five and half mile part of the river. You can access this part the Eleven Point at the Greer Crossing Access at top of the end, and the Turner Mill Access at the reduced end. You can expect 300 to 500 trout per mile. Wading anglers excel wading up, or downstream of those public access areas. Many people float it.

Below the Blue Ribbon trout area, you will see the White Ribbon Area. That is managed a great deal differently. It’s stocked every few weeks from April through September, but you will find trout here all year-long. The White Ribbon area allows four trout to be kept, without length limit, and no bait restrictions. Many people think of this trout water as a put and take area, but there’s only limited truth to this. Fish populations do decrease rather significantly between stockings, especially in the wintertime when no fish are stocked. However, even at times when fish populations are in the very lowest, (which is usually during February or March) trout could be caught, and good catches could be made consistently, knowing how to read the water. The best fishing generally is in June, July, and August when fish populations are really built up About 15,000 rainbow trout are stocked each year in this fourteen mile section of river each year.. Wading and floating access will soon be bought at Turner Mill, Whitten, McDowell Access, and Riverton. The best trout fishing will soon be found between the Turner Mill and McDowell Access, but trout can be found in fair numbers all the way downstream to the Riverton Access, and sometimes even significantly further downstream. Below Riverton, the river transforms back into a smallmouth bass stream, typical of the Ozarks. It’s now a big river, and species such as for example largemouth bass, spotted bass, and even walleye could be found. The river slowly warms, and by the time it reaches the Black River in Arkansas it appears hardly any like top of the section.

The Eleven Point is certainly special. That is one of the greatest rainbow trout streams in the Ozarks, as well as a great smallmouth bass river. It’s however, rather undiscovered. It’s not used nearly so much as nearby streams like the Current River, Buffalo River, or the Black River. Come out and give it a try.

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Natural Home Remedies For Controlling Pest Insects & Bugs




When it comes to pest control, you are able to spend a number of money hiring exterminators or buying smelly (and often toxic) sprays and chemicals for your property, but sometimes, you might not need to visit such extremes. There are a large amount of completely natural insect and pest control remedies out there, many of which our ancestors have now been using with great success for countless generations. You’ll be pleased to know that many of these useful items are available in the common household.

Though pest control can make reference to working with pest birds, bugs, and rodents, this short article will concentrate on eliminating insects.

Insect Control in the Garden

Believe it or not, aluminum foil can successfully keep hungry insects and slugs from your vegetable garden. Simply mix strips of aluminum foil in together with your garden mulch to deter bugs and slugs. Additionally, since foil is reflective, it’ll shine light back up on your plants, providing them with a solar boost.

Mothballs are another handy insect control device for the garden. You’ve probably heard about using mothballs in the closet to safeguard your sweaters, but you can even utilize them to kill bugs on potted plants. Simply place the plant in a clear plastic bag (i.e. a washing bag), add a couple of mothballs, and seal the bag for a week. When you take the plant out, it will be bug-free (and moths will stay away for a while too) pestsmartcontrol. Animals also hate the smell of mothballs, in order to toss a couple of into your garden and flowerbed as well, to keep away cats, dogs, and rodents.

Did you know onions are an all natural pesticide as well? Here’s an easy-to-make concoction which will repel insects (and animals too) in your flowers and vegetables: Use a blender to puree 4 onions, 2 cloves of garlic, 2 tablespoons of cayenne pepper, and one quart of water. Put the mixture aside and then dilute 2 tablespoons of soap flakes in 2 gallons of water. Pour most of the contents in your blender, stir it up, and thus giving you an eco-friendly bug spray to utilize in your plants.

Black pepper is another home remedy that works great for pest control in the garden. If insects are harassing your flowers, plants, and vegetables, simply mix pepper with flour and sprinkle it around your plants. Bugs won’t be so wanting to munch.

Lastly, you can make your own personal rock dust to remove insects in the garden.

Insect Control in the House

Dog and cat food, which can be often omitted round the clock, can be quite a temptation to ants and other insects. A simple way to create these six-legged intruders lose interest is to put a border of baking soda around the pet food bowls. Baking soda won’t bother your pets (though they probably won’t be keen on the taste), so it’s no worry for them if they lap a little up using their meal.

Another household item proficient at eliminating insects is vinegar. For example, if your latest visit to the farmers’market brought back fruit flies as well as healthy victuals, then you can make traps for the flies by filling a vintage jar about halfway full with apple cider vinegar. Punch a couple of holes in the top, screw it back on, and the fruit flies will be attracted and trapped.

These are just a several easy ways to utilize simple household items to remove insects. Then when you’re having an issue, don’t be so eager to get a can of chemical-filled bug spray. Look for natural solutions, and you’ll most likely locate them!

TC Thorn writes on do it yourself and natural pest control. See her other articles for more information on eliminating lawn and garden pests.

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