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Importance of Document Verification for Employee Hiring




While applying to certain job applications, enormous falsified information is caught on the resumes. Due to that incorrect information, still applicants get the job, but it is clearly depicted through the performance of those candidates whose resumes were not verified before hiring. It is estimated that about 50% of the resumes contain incorrect information which is due to the lack of in-house resources to verify particular employment and academic information. Also, the applicants are not screened through criminal checks which results in a heavy cost for an organization.

Candidates fill in falsify data to get a competitive edge in the job market by hiding the real identity and demonstrating themselves a passionate candidate in front of the hiring department. A proper screening should be done in order to verify the employee’s academic and previous employment experience. 

Employee document verification is important for several reasons. It justifies the truthful actions of an employee, from the recruitment period to shortlisting, and resignation or retirement. Therefore it is essential to maintain an accurate record of the employee to support human resources within the company. The objectives such as promotion and succession planning should be covered with authenticating records. Employee documentation is a part of the human resources department to ensure soundness and accuracy in the company database.


Below are some primary reasons which explicitly illustrate the importance of employee screening through document verification:

  1. False information in resumes is the most common fraud that applicants do to get shortlisted in the recruitment phase. The data should be verified properly to spot if some misstated information is present. Before hiring candidates, document verification should be done and verified against original documents and supporting shreds of evidence
  2. To comply with the local regulatory authorities such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) demands disclosures that an employer must make during, before and after the previous record checks. An organization that fails to comply with this regulation will be subjected to heavy penalties
  3. For any organization, hiring is the most difficult decision to make. The ones who fail to screen the employees properly can result in incompatible applicants who do not fit into the company’s working environment and are not qualified enough to meet the goals of a company. Therefore, instead of wasting time and effort on training the employees, document verification should be taken beforehand 
  4. In the case of negligent hirings, claims can be subject to heavy fines. It is not the case that the hiring department failed to know about the accurate candidate credentials but also the penalty relies on the point that the hiring staff should have known about a particular candidate records
  5. The criminal checks should be implemented in the company’s system to screen each candidate under the electronic record and allow authenticated identity to get hired.


Avoid Illegal Immigrants 

The availability of jobs acts as a piece of magnet news for illegal immigrants who apply for jobs using false information and land for it. It was recognized by congress in 1986 employee sanction law and validated the need68880392_23843539960320174_2015736509742710784_n.png for a verification system in an organization in 1996. These bad actors can affect the system’s integrity and steal the identities to use them for malicious purposes or they only have intentions of spying the organization. E-verification of employers and legal document verification and authentication should be an integral part of the hiring departments before confirming the entrance of a new employee into the organization. This can limit a large number of in-house fraud and illegal immigrants being part of any company and deter the risks of heavy fines and reputational damage. 


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