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7 facts that nobody told you about dogs




There’s a reason dogs are called ‘man’s best friend’ – they are awesome pets. Whether they’re bringing you their lead to try and convince you to take them for a walk, putting their head on your lap while you’re busily trying to apply for your business finance, or simply greeting you after a hard day at work with their tails wagging, dogs like nothing more than spending time with their humans and making them happy.


While we know dogs can read expressions, communicate effectively, care for the sick and disabled and even participate in house chores, there’s still a lot that many people don’t know about the UK’s favourite pet. This article looks at the seven top facts about dogs that you might not know.


Dogs can get jealous.

Recent research shows that dogs are capable of showing jealousy in certain circumstances. The experiment included 30 dogs of different breeds, being shown differing levels of reward and praise for doing the same activity. Those dogs who were rewarded more than others were engaged in all the physical exercises and those who were rewarded less showed mood changes, refused to give a paw and eventually stopped taking part in the activity altogether.


The research concluded that the breed of dog made no difference at all to the jealous behaviour as all breeds showed the same signs of jealousy and upset.


Dogs don’t feel any guilt.

We’ve all seen our dogs do that adorable, cute, apologetic-eyes thing when they’ve done something wrong, but research conducted at Barnard College in New York has shown that dogs are not actually capable of feeling guilt. Most likely, those big ‘sorry’ eyes are just their reaction to the way you act when they do something they aren’t supposed to do.


The test was simple – owners were told to guess the expression of their pet. The catch was that in some cases the dog had done something wrong while in others it hadn’t. The study showed that it was the humans who ascribed behaviours to the animal. People only saw the guilt in the dog when they thought their pet had made a mistake, even when in actual fact, they hadn’t, and they were acting no different to normal.


Dogs can predict cancer.

The American Urological Association recently published a paper that showed one specific breed of dog – the Belgian Malinois Shepherd – can be trained to predict the presence of carcinogenic substances in human urine. 66 urine samples were presented to the dogs of people suffering from prostate cancer. The dogs were able to differentiate between the smell of urine for 63 of the 66 cancer patients.


According to another study, dogs’ smelling ability is 10,000 times more powerful than humans’, so this should not really come as a surprise. The research could help reduce costs when it comes to conducting costly diagnostic procedures to find out if someone has cancer or not. Experiments on dogs other than Belgian Malinois Shepherds are also being carried out currently.


Dogs have seriously smart language capabilities.

We all know dogs respond to commands from their owners to perform different actions. But new research has shown that the smartest of dogs can learn as many as 1000 words. Previous studies had demonstrated that a dog could be as smart as a two-year-old child in gaining comprehension of around 100 words, but this new study has dramatically increased our understanding of just how much comprehension of language dogs can have.


The television programme ’60 minutes’ recently showed one such dog, Chaser the Border Collie, believed to be the “smartest dog in the world” who not only understands basic commands but knows the names of, and can retrieve, over a thousand different separate objects. He also understands verbs and nouns put together to perform an action making him one seriously smart dog.


Dogs can make humans sick.

Animals cannot get any diseases from human beings, but that’s not the case other way around. Most people consider dog mouths to be much cleaner than ours, but that’s not true. Even if they are washed regularly and thoroughly, dogs still have pathogens that can harm us. Similarly, we all know about rabies which if not vaccinated against can be passed from dog to human via a bite, and can cause a serious brain disorder.


It is not only dogs but their food that we need to be wary of. Dog food can cause food poisoning in people who consume it. Other research published by The Veterinary Record shows that humans can get infected by the roundworm Toxocara Canis just through touching a dog.


Clean dogs live longer.

The American Naturalist conducted a study that showed dogs who obediently stayed  away from rubbish and dirt and had healthy hygiene practices went on to live longer than those dogs who disobediently ignored all their owners’ instructions to stay clean. The study considered of almost 60 dog breeds and looked at their exertion, growth, habits, personalities and life spans. The investigation also revealed that aggressive dogs grow faster than others and require a more significant amount of food, but do not live as long on the whole. On the other hand, dogs that wanted to please their owners also needed more food but they went on to live longer lives.


Dogs have incredible hearing abilities.

Dogs’ hearing is far more sensitive than humans’, and that’s because of the muscles in their ears which are structured in such a way as to hear frequencies up to four times greater than our range allows. Dogs also move their ears to express emotions and sometimes make sounds that only other dogs can hear.


Dogs can also filter sounds based on their likes and dislikes. For example, some dogs will sleep through loud noises but will wake up when they hear a bowl being filled with milk. Some dogs notice volumes more than others, and research shows that German Shepherds are able to hear much more than other dogs.


Dogs are amazing for a whole host of reasons – these are just seven of the reasons you might not have known about before! But what’s for sure is that the more understanding you can have of you dog, the better you can get to know them and build your lifelong relationship with them.

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